Are the rates per hour or per person?

You pay per bay as the rates are simulator time based. Our Golfzon Vision system allows for up to 6 people to share 1 bay. 

The simulator per hour rate can be split between all players.

Do I need to bring my own golf clubs?

Yes, it's always best to practice with your own clubs. But we have limited rentals on site.

How many courses are available to play?

There are over 200+ courses to choose from!

Do I need to bring my own golf balls?

We supply all the golf balls for you, which are automatically teed up at every hole. No need to chase after the balls, so that you have more time for golf! 

How can I practice before starting a game?

We have 4 different Driving Range Simulator options for you to practice on before you start your round.

How long does an 18-hole round take?

On average it takes about 1 hour per person to play 18 holes. If there are 4 in your group, we recommend that you reserve for 4 hours to have enough time to finish the course. It's your responsibility to watch the clock and manage your pace of play accordingly. Please be aware that time booked ends 5 minutes to the hour so that the next group can settle into the bay and start on time.